Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yeah, yeah

It's been forever. But that's what happens when you spawn. You think Salmon or maybe Sardines keep up with their blogs during all that mess? I don't think so. Only the ones who are worried what the other fishmoms think do. Well, frankly those other fish can stick it.
Stick it. Get it?

Anyway, in the last year Commander Bad Movie Guy and I spawned Morgan. The World's Largest Man-Baby. And then we moved to Texas. Because it's cheaper here and with the way that Kracken eats, we'd be destitute if still in Vancouver. Actually no, it was for Steve's work. After months of insanity on 'District 9', we needed a change. So.... we moved to Dallas. Yes... quite a change.
We've been watching the Gulf saga and getting more and more depressed at the devastation. We're learning lots about BBQ, fried pies, and fried pickles. And hoping our hearts don't claw their ways out of our bodies. We've learned that Texas has AWESOME bugs and incredible storms. I'm all over the bugs though, they are so cool. I've been hunting for tarantulas, but haven't found any yet. I've seen some pretty amazing Cicada Killers though. Yowza.

Oh and I'm going to be part of an Art and Coffee dealy in August with my fishies. I'll be making something (have no idea what yet) at The Daily Grind in Dallas in Deep Elum. Sometime in the first week? Maybe? I suppose I should find out. If you're going to be around maybe you should find out too. And then tell me.

And no pics today- both computers crashed at the same time and I have no idea if any of my pics were saved on the external hard drive. Being as I haven't checked. Because most of my day is spent feeding Mega Grub and his sister, Flamespout, and keeping him from drowning himself in the toilet.

The Mighty Squid Hat did come out and eat Morgan's head at one point. I have pics somewhere around here....


~n~ said...

ha HAAAAAA... see, someone DOES read your blog!!!! My kids are reading over my shoulder (go away!!) and both like the ocotopus and hammerhead sharks. now we're attempting to look at the big ugly fishies homepage... on dial-up. :P

glad to hear you're kickin ass and takin names in Texas!!!

all the best,

duLuna said...

XD Hey there! I found your blog looking for Goblin Shark photos. I thought yours was real, just... highly dead and long since past the point of freshness.
I'm glad you posted again! I'm eager to see some new stuff from you! Your fishes are hilarious and I love your sense of humor :D

:::Julia Lundman::: said...



Adelle Caunce said...

Holy cats! You guys are awesome. And here I was thinking I'd only have 'front end loader' spam leaving feedback.
Nick- don't feel bad. I can't view my website due to some sort of incompatibility with my laptop and flash.
DuLuna- Thank you! I'll try to get off my butt to amuse you with more nonsensical ramblings soon!
Julie- go paint on a boat!