Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Arnold School set

I'm so going to be out of work when these guys graduate...

And still more

Apparently I can only post 5 pics at a time. Aren't these awesome?!

But wait, there's more!

Here are more of the Arnold School kids' creations. Hard to believe they're about 13-14 years old AND did all this while wearing clean, pressed shirts, ties, skirts, etc. I don't think I have an item of clothing left without paint on it. There's something wrong with me.

Arnold School

Here are some pics of the fishies made by the students of Mrs. Hayley Caunce (Coincidence? I don't know, she may be a Pirate too!), art teacher at Arnold School in Lancashire, England. These kids seriously rock and their fish are brilliant. I was happy to help out where I could! The world needs more fishies.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Have your own Big Ugly Fishy?

If you have a BUF I've made and displayed at your home, or if you've made your own, send me a .jpg of it and I'll post it here for my 3 fans' enjoyment!

another pic

Another view of the cake plus the Mighty Octoegg. Another Great Gregangelo project

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Woohoo! First post!

Hey! My first real post- aside from the test with Chad who set this thing up, which doesn't really count. Perhaps I should try to figure out how to delete that...
I've been told this is a good way to keep the 3 people who follow my work updated on what I've been doing, as I obviously can't be trusted to keep my website updated. Why? Because I'm lame and have no idea how to. Poor Chad has to do it for me from 800 miles away. To make sure his wife doesn't start to hate me I let the site get.... a little outdated before I start pestering Chad to fix it for me. That's the way we pirates are. Very concerned about other people's feelings.

So to start off, I'll add a pic or two of the last commission I did for Gregangelo Herrera (Velocity Circus) before moving to BC from San Francisco. Gregangelo is one cool cat and gave me my first commission two weeks after Madeline was born in 2006. He likes to make his artists really test their bounds and be inspired to go crazy. After touring his fabulous house, this is something we came up with for The Pink Room. Crud... I don't know how to add more pics. Awesome... now I've lost my other image. See? THIS is why I don't update my site more often. Sighhhh. Oh! It's back! Weeee.