Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What to do, what to do

I suppose I should post something, it's been a while after all.

I'll post a pic of a Pacific Giant Octopus I did a while ago. Octopuses (yeah, yeah. I know. "Duh, it's 'octopi', you strange fish-making woman with Sammy Hagar hair.")...

Well, Smarty-Pants, according to Fowler’s Modern English Usage, “the only acceptable plural in English is octopuses...". It says something about the origin of the word being Greek, rather than Latin so the classic plural would be 'octopodes' and more commonly, 'octopuses'.
Whatever. I don't care, octopuses are awesome for many more reasons than just starting pedantic white lab-coated discourses (and hopefully fist-fights while clutching half eaten cheese sammiches) between bespectacled scholars over the correct plural form during the lunch break. None of which I'm going into right now because I'm grumpy and don't want to be on the wretched computer at the moment.

Oh, and here's a Nudibranch. Because they crack me up.


Anonymous said...

I got curious about goblin sharks, and stumbled on your page. But I have a soft spot for cephalopods, which I suppose is appropriate, as they're mostly soft spot.... In any case, this guy's my favorite.

Thanks for making sleep deprivation so very enjoyable!

Adelle Caunce said...

Awww, thank you and I'm glad I could help you lose some more sleep. Only... maybe you like the octopus so much BECAUSE you're sleep deprived?

...maybe I should have a disclaimer stating 'best viewed when punch-drunk with exhaustion'...