Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What do you know.

Here I have the Big Ugly Fishies blog and none of my fish on it.

The top is a picture of the only puffer I've ever kept for myself- Crackhead Bill. I initially intended for him to be a happy guy with not much going on in his head, a little circus music perhaps, but not much more. As his personality evolved, he just sort of turned a little more miserable. I think the circus music is still playing, but he'll swallow your soul if you're not watching.

Second is a picture of Clarence. My all-time favourite puffer who got sold before I realized I'd regret it all my days. There have been a couple other versions of Clarence since, but none seem to capture the menace of my dearest buddy. I often wonder who bought him and just how much havoc has he spread since leaving the safe confines of my locked art cabinet.
The last is a pic of Clarence and Zombie being jerks. Nuff said.

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