Monday, December 3, 2007

A couple thoughts on laser eye surgery....

Yes, I finally did it. After ruining more glasses than I can count with paint, resin, and a small creature named Maddie, I started my research and found that the clinics in Vancouver have great technology and have many many happy customers. I did a goodly amount of research- these are my eyes after all and how would I inflict my thought processes on an unsuspecting world without them?
Anyway, in my research of people who chose to have the surgery, I found that there seemed to be two camps. The first had absolutely no pain and little discomfort. The other camp prayed for death to come swiftly and wanted to gouge their eyes out with a runcible spoon to make the pain stop.
I'm kind of in the middle. While I'm not at the spoon-gouging level, I'm certainly ready not to feel wretched anymore. Ridiculously sensitive to light (it's been 5 days and I still can't stand the blinds open or to look at the computer screen), the drops I have to use cause more pain than my eyes are experiencing, which is a stinging- it feels like I constantly have grit under my contacts. In one way it's kind of neat because most of the day it looks like I'm looking through milk, although one not-neat thing is my eyes refuse to stay pointed in one directions at times. Like how newborns can be looking straight at a person with one eye, while the other has spotted a shiny object 3 blocks away. I'd be the perfect super villain right now. Grumpy, gooey, half blind, eyes swiveling all over, and afraid to come out unless under cover of darkness.

apparently it gets better.


Brian "My Fault" Nicolucci said...

I've always thought of you as a future supervillain or perhaps if you lack the managerial skills to be leader, you could be my Canadian lackey when I finally make my move and take over the western hemishpere.

Still working on my ice ray (mmm, frozen peoplesicles) and my Boominator 3000 (pat pending) is only a year behind schedule. Soon...very soon. Muahahaha..koffkoff..haha

Julia Lundman Midlock said...

I wonder what that villain would look like? Maybe like one of those deep sea fishes that live at incredibly inhospitable depths? The ones, when seen on tv, always have an eerie soundtrack behind them? Muhahahahahahahahahaha

get better soon, Adelle!


SimiaArtifex said...

let me know how things turned out. i've been toying with the idea of having laser eye surgery, though i have not researched if there are decent facilities in the greater Petaluma area. of course, i'm presuming you can read this without any difficulty:)