Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fun Fish Facts #1!

The Orange Roughy (also called Sea Perch or Slimehead) is a slow-growing reddish-coloured fish. They are thought to live up to 150 years and females don't start to breed until they're around 25-30 years old. Which means this is a fish that cannot recover easily from overfishing. Imagine having to survive at least 25 years in the ocean before breeding? A tough job for any fish, let alone a popular menu item fighting against Trawl Fishing. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has placed Orange Roughy on its "Avoid" list as these fish are in trouble. So in other words, make a responsible choice and don't eat Orange Roughy. Your stomach will survive without this fish in it.
...Okay, so this isn't a fun fact today. It's more of a depressing what-have-we-done-to-our-world fact today. Maybe tomorrow I'll research ebola, tapeworms, the destruction of the Rainforest or some other such cheerful thing.

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